About Habitats

Biodiversity conservation & restoration

We're a non-profit network focused on protecting and restoring key biodiversity ecosystems with the help of local and indigenous communities. Biodiversity conservation & restoration is the number one strategy to mitigate climate change. We know that. What we need now is a mixture of bold action and long-term vision. That's exactly what we aim to deliver. Join us on our journey.
A natural habitat

Why we do what we do

Biodiversity is our common heritage and humanity’s first and foremost life supporter. It supports everything in nature that we need to survive: food, clean water, medicine, and shelter.

Human activities have pushed nature almost to the breaking point. Biodiversity loss constitutes a direct threat to the planet and people’s well-being in all regions of the world.

Biodiversity loss is a threat to our planet's habitats


of Earth's land has been altered by human activities


of wildlife populations declined in the past 50 years, on average


of our ocean is protected


of wetland areas have been lost between 1970 and 2015


of mammals are at risk of extinction


drop in wildlife populations in Latin America & the Caribbean

Our team

We’re a diverse team of biodiversity experts, biologists, strategists, marketeers, researchers and nature photographers passionate about the world we live in. As an interdisciplinary team, with offices in Belgium and Luxembourg, we have the power to look at things from a different, uncanny, angle.

Our Team
Local Partners
Habitats Ambassadors and Volunteers

You want to contribute to our cause? We’re always looking for volunteers to support our mission. We’re currently looking for Dutch copywriters, sales talents, and specialists for every habitat we are active in to join us on our mission.

Want to become a partner?

Are you passionate about driving positive impact? We are dedicated to protecting and conserving our natural world. We believe that collaboration and partnerships are key to achieving lasting change. Join us as a partner and be a driving force in creating a more sustainable future for our planet!


Biodiversity restoration