Grasslands are habitats characterized by grasses and other herbaceous plants that support a wide range of wildlife. There are several types of grasslands, including temperate grasslands, tropical grasslands, and savannas. Currently, grasslands are facing significant threats from human activities, including agriculture, urbanization, and climate change.

Why is it so important to protect and restore our grasslands?

Grasslands support a wide array of plant species, from grasses to wildflowers, creating a rich and diverse ecosystem. One of the key roles of grassland habitats is soil stability. The dense root systems of grasses help bind the soil, preventing erosion and promoting soil fertility. Grasslands also contribute to carbon sequestration and climate regulation, acting as open landscapes that facilitate air circulation, influencing local weather patterns, and providing cooling effects. They also support sustainable agriculture and offer opportunities for recreational activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife photography, contributing to nature-based tourism.

Savanna is a type of grassland habitat


of the world's known plant species can be found in grasslands


of all temperate grasslands have been converted to agricultural or industrials uses


of the original tallgrass prairie still exists

How can we best support our grasslands?

Land acquisition and protection

By acquiring and preserving key land areas, we can create protected areas, wildlife corridors, and nature reserves that provide essential habitats for endangered species and contribute to the overall health of ecosystems.


By reintroducing native species and restoring habitats, we can promote biodiversity, regenerate natural processes, and create thriving ecosystems.

Protecting/restoring keystone species

The protection and restoration of keystone species are vital for the well-being of habitats. By ensuring their survival, we contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, promote ecological stability, and support the interconnected web of life.

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