Our Approach

Driving systemic change

The scale and urgency of current global challenges call for effective systemic change. We specialize in identifying and addressing key biodiversity challenges by partnering with a dynamic ecosystem of local organizations and communities.
Driving systemic change

What sets us apart

Diverse team

We’re a diverse team of biodiversity experts, biologists, strategists, marketeers, researchers and nature photographers passionate about the world we live in. As an interdisciplinary team of change makers, we have the power to look at things from a different, uncanny, angle.

Local communities as the key to success

Did you know that 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity is protected by indigenous people? Involving local communities is crucial to successfully protect and restore Earth’s biodiversity. Our ultimate goal is to establish, strengthen and connect ecosystems, and let them be managed by local communities so they can be embedded within broader, sustainably managed landscapes with nature-based economies.

Partnership with local organizations

We carefully vet the nonprofit associations we work with. We make sure their expertise, budget efficiency and vision align with our goal to go beyond tackling symptoms of a broken system

How we help our habitats

Biodiversity conservation

Our first priority is to protect the irreplaceable wild fauna, flora and fungi that’s left. The most powerful solutions to the climate crisis are millions of years old. But Earth's biodiversity is collapsing. Wildlife populations have declined by an average of 69%, in the past 50 years. We protect the land and the ocean so it can protect us. 

Biodiversity restoration

We restore, rewild and rewet degraded habitats so they can reflourish. Without our key stone species the ecosystem’s architecture collapses - dramatically changing the balance of life, the air that we breathe and the food that we eat. By investing in biodiversity, we safeguard our future habitats and generations.

Want to become a partner?

Our projects positively impact wildlife, nature, people and our climate. With a direct impact on numerous Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they offer a solid boost for your company’s image and ESG Strategy.

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