Let’s bring nature back to life together

WE’RE on a mission to protect & restore biodiversity. Together with local communities, and with you.

We safeguard, rewild and rewet 5 key habitats. One tree, coral reef, seagrass bed and meadow at a time. Because we believe humans can be a strong force of nature too.

Biodiversity conservation & restoration is our strongest natural defense against the climate crisis.  Let’s steward wildlife from survival into thrival mode. 

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What our communities do for you

Biodiversity conservation

Our first priority is to protect the irreplaceable wild fauna, flora and fungi that’s left. The most powerful solutions to the climate crisis are millions of years old. But Earth's biodiversity is collapsing. Wildlife populations have declined by an average of 69%, in the past 50 years. We protect the land and the ocean so it can protect us. 

Biodiversity restoration

We restore, rewild and rewet degraded habitats so they can reflourish. Without our key stone species the ecosystem’s architecture collapses - dramatically changing the balance of life, the air that we breathe and the food that we eat. By investing in biodiversity, we safeguard our future habitats and generations.

Join forces & Support habitats

We make it easy for individuals, companies and organizations to safeguard biodiversity. You directly support communities who protect and restore key habitats. Let us act now!

The need for speed, in numbers


of mammals are at risk of extinction


of wildlife populations declined in the past 50 years, on average


of Earth's land has been altered by human activities


drop in wildlife populations in Latin America & the Caribbean


of the world's ocean is unprotected


of wetland areas have been lost between 1970 and 2015

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