Dear leaders, we’ve got this

We support the Nature Restoration Law

20% nature restoration by 2030: that’s the goal of the EU’s Nature Restoration Law. Long-term leaders call that an important step towards a healthy, flourishing future. Rather indecisive ones, like the President of France and Prime Minister of Belgium, call it overly ambitious instead. Regretful, to say the least. Looks like we need to clear the air.

Their biggest claims against the law point in our direction:

  • It’s just too much to take for companies, combined with other climate-related rules.

  • The general support for climate action will disappear.

  • It will have a detrimental effect on our economy, and therefore also on our society.

As EU companies and citizens we’re here to say: don’t you worry about us. We fully support the nature restoration law. Please, worry about the very essence of life on Earth instead.

We believe that

🌱 The climate crisis and biodiversity are strongly interlinked. Solving the biodiversity crisis will help us in our fight against climate change and vice versa. Pressing the pause button on nature recovery will only ignite a bigger climate emergency, faster. We ask you to act. Now.


⚖️ The only way to save our economy and society from a collapse is to find a better balance between people, nature and business. We ask you to safeguard biodiversity and restore what’s lost. The reality of life is the only reality we have. 


🔔We should be discussing urgency and ambition, instead of pause buttons. Instead of only talking about ambition, we should be committing to bold action. We ask you to choose, for what we are willing to save.


🤝We should focus on unity, instead of misinformation and doubt. Investing in nature restoration and conservation is vital. For our health and livelihoods. For all of us, inside and outside the EU.


Difficult is not the same as impossible. We are united already. We ask you to step back from the cliff. Although the numbers are alarming, we do believe we can curb them with a mixture of bold, collective action and long-term vision. We are united by hope. For us, for our planet and for our children, grandchildren and many unborn generations to come.

Bear in Finland

We are united by biodiversity.
Because it’s in our nature to.

I support the Nature Restoration Law

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These people already signed the letter

This list will be updated on a daily basis.

  • Lien De Ruyck – Founder Sonderling & Habitats Foundation

  • David Herman – Founder Starling Reizen & Habitats Foundation

  • Michael Boschmans – Founder @ Quest & Habitats Foundation

  • Jamie Lee Bollenberg – English teacher @ KA Voskenslaan

  • Yonca Braeckman – Founder & CEO @ Impact Shakers

  • Helena De Smedt – UX/UI & Brand Designer @ Quest

  • Tom De Ruyck – Chief Growth & Office Partner @ Human8

  • Mathias Michielsen – Founder @ Fagus Outdoor

  • Koen De Koster – BioOrg

  • Michel Louagie – Photographer

  • Bernou Hazelhoff Roelfzema – Intern @ Quest

  • Kristien Van Wilderode – Art Director, UX Designer & developer @ Quest

  • Aurélie Lodewick – Regeneratief boer @ FLOR Plukbos

  • Marleen De Wuffel

  • Nathalie Versichele – Founder @ Nyala Blue

  • Soraya Wancour – Founder @ Studio AMA

  • Fredo De Smet – Co-founder @ Long Term Society

  • Carl Grillet – Founder @ Nature’s Fountain

  • Dirk Vanackere

  • Frédéric Van der Hoeven

  • Steven Vromman – Low Impact Man

  • Albert Saveyn

  • Nancy Van Hoof

  • Kenny De Boeck – Landscape Architect @ TAK.Landschapsarchitecten

  • Chloë Rasier

  • Nicolas De Putter – Sights of Nature

  • Filip Van den Wyngaert

  • Robin Verachtert

  • Bram Van Renterghem

  • Wouter Knaepen – Business owner & field manager @ Ecoduct

  • Wietse Van Ransbeeck. – Co-founder & CEO @ CitizenLab

  • Amir Bolouryazad – Head of Marketing @ CitizenLab

  • Sien Lagae

  • Jens Paque

  • Robert Stoop – CEO @ Wildernest

  • Liesbet Veulemans

  • Stein Peeters – Co-founder @ T-shaped Academy

  • Rien Mertens

  • Sven D’Hondt

  • Mariana Senos

  • Babette Eecloo

  • Vincent Van der Beken – Owner @ Mnemonic BV

  • Pieter Gaudissabois

  • Thomas D’hooge

  • Vicky Vansteenbrugge

  • Sofie Schuer

  • Kurt Herman

  • Guido Rooseleer

  • Elias Tibax

  • Remko van der Pluijm

  • David Van den Broeck

  • Jo de Pauw – Video content creator

  • Suraiya Daem

  • Silvana Evrard

  • Maarten De Jonge

  • Detlef Tibax – Founder @ Art 4 Conservation

  • Jan De Vlaemynck

  • Alexander Cannaerts

  • Veerle Smits

  • Kurt Van Damme

  • Margot Lootens

  • Steven De Rijck – farmer @ Modest & Kamiel

  • Fons De Wispelaere

  • Bart Mulkens

  • Henk Loobuyck

  • Peter Partoens

  • Hilde Vervaecke

  • Joelle Verstraeten

  • Eric Grupping